1. Rachel Heller
    April 3, 2018 @ 12:45 am

    I often wonder about this very thing, and have been ruminating over writing an article too… I don’t think you can come to any other conclusion but that it is indeed selfish. The question is whether that selfishness is acceptable, and you’re right: to some extent the real question is whether you can live with the guilt. I WANT to travel, and I find all sorts of justifications and rationalizations for why it’s okay. But that’s all they are: just ways to make me feel better. What’s called “sustainable travel” still usually involves a plane trip, but I suppose it’s better than non-sustainable. I don’t have an answer for you other than not traveling. I can only say I understand the question.


  2. Kathy
    November 9, 2018 @ 4:06 am

    I understand your point of view. The world does not stand still and ‘life goes on’. Let me say that my father died was a was a child, my mother when I was a grown woman. I’ve also lost friends through illness and accidents . I got through these losses well, I believe. However, until you have to endure the loss of a child, you will never understand the kind of grief that you carry every single moment of your life. People say they do and they mean well, but they have absolutely no idea. I’m glad that they do not, as I would not wish my own grief, or anything like it, on another person. I used to love to travel and have been all over the world. My first holiday, taken three months after my daughter’s death, was a major mistake. You cannot run away from grief. I am still travelling, for the sake of my husband, but I now find very little pleasure in the experience. So sorry to be so negative.


  3. Alex Howell
    October 17, 2019 @ 12:38 pm

    Great post! You really got me thinking a lot, and totally I broke with my girlfriend months ago and still hurts, but you know what, travel it’s the best medicine you can have, It’s the only feeling you need!


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