About Us

The Thirsty Tourists

Hello and welcome to The Thirsty Tourist Travel Blog! We are Carolynne and Chris, two 30-something Canadian adventurers who have been together for over 8 years. Currently, we call gorgeous Vancouver, British Columbia our home, but we have previously lived in both Newfoundland and Ontario. As we have lived in the East, West and Central parts of Canada, along with having completed many road trips – we know Canada very well. Out of the two of us, Carolynne is definitely the more adventurous one, her wanderlust and passion for travel is always driving her to come up with new plans, adventures and travel ideas. We often joke that Chris is the reluctant traveler as he is often roped into many of Carolynne’s adventure schemes.


So What’s This All About, Anyways?

Do you love to travel? We do too! In case you were curious, the blog name stemmed from our “Thirst” to travel and see the world (as Tourists). Our travel mission here is simple. We started a travel blog to share our worldwide travels with you. We believe in a few simple principles:

1. Travel doesn’t have to be expensive
2. You shouldn’t have to put off travel – until your retirement or a faraway date and
3. You definitely shouldn’t have to quit your job to see the world

Still with us? We want to make travel a reality for you. The primary focus of our blog is on simple Travel Ideas and Backyard Adventures. These are activities you can do in your own hometown and are what makes us unique and different from every other blog out there. We focus on travel for the every-day average person, providing activities and adventures for all skill and activity levels.


What Kind of Backyard Adventures?

The Backyard Adventures we have completed to date include Dog Sledding, visiting a Butterfly Conservatory, Traipsing a Suspension Bridge and exploring a Corn Maze. Sound fun so far? Don’t worry – we have many ideas for your next weekend out.


Travel Disaster Specialists

Have you ever had a nightmare of a trip? We’ve had plenty. As Carolynne travels about 50% of the time, she has tons of travel advice to share with you. Let’s make sure your next trip is a success. Whether it is travel tips and tricks or travel How To’s, we’ve got you covered. If you’ve got a travel question, we’ve most likely got the answer or know how to get the answer, so ask away. Look for Carolynne’s travel advice scattered among the rest of our travel ideas and backyard adventure posts.


Still Don’t Know Who We Are??

We understand. You want to know who you are taking travel advice from. Well here it is….

The story of us began just over 7 years ago. Carolynne had just made the most important and terrifying move of her life, from Hamilton to Thunder Bay, Ontario. As most of our friends and family have always lived in the same place – it was a big deal. It was in Thunder Bay that a boy met girl, they fell in love, got engaged and later married.


However, it wasn’t all roses. After graduation, Carolynne was unable to get a job close to home, and ended up in rural Newfoundland working for a small start-up company. We lived in a small fishing village off the coast, with 800 other locals. Somehow time flies and we ended up in Newfoundland for three years. If you’ve ever been out East, you know the winters are “full of weather” as the locals say. One morning when we were shoveling the snow up over our heads, we decided to make a change. We packed up everything and moved from the most Eastern part of Canada to the most Western part of Canada.

We have been travel blogging and happily calling Vancouver, British Columbia our home for over a year now. Our house is full with love and our 4 pets: 2 canines and 2 felines.


Tourists Welcome!

Thanks for joining us on our blogging adventure! Be sure to read up on our weekly travel adventures. In the meantime, stay updated with Chris and Carolynne on our day-to-day activities on our Twitter, Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest channels.